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Manufacturing and Trading Company “Feliks” (Zakład Produkcyjno-Handlowy “Feliks”) was established in 1989. It has been operating for over 30 years. It is a producer of frozen culinary products. It produces “pyzy” (round, stuffed potato dumplings), “pierogi”, “knedle” (fruit stuffed potato dumplings), “kartacze” (meat stuffed potato dumplings), “kopytka” (potato dumplings also known as Polish gnocchi), “uszka” (a small and twisted version of pierogi).

"Feliks" is a family company that has been focused on the quality of its products since its first days. The originators and founders of the company are Dorota and Bogusław Polewaczyk. They were the first, and for a time, the only employees of their company.

pierogi z granatem

Creative ideas, education and very hard work began to bring tangible results. Since 1994, the small company has begun its growth. Specialized machines as well as cooling and freezing equipment appeared. Currently, the company produces goods based on traditional recipes, but with the use of modern technologies.

All products manufactured by "Feliks" are made only with the highest quality natural ingredients. In the production process we do not use any artificial flavor enhancers based on monosodium glutamate, ready-made spice mixtures, sauces, food colorants or thickeners.

pierogi z jagodami

The company has implemented the HACCP quality control system. It has specialized vehicles that ensure the quality of the delivered goods. It cooperates with a network of wholesalers in eastern and central Poland, as well as Warmia and Mazury.

Our products, due to their very high quality, are well received by customers and quickly disappear from store freezers. We offer you the whole selection of products. We believe that a quick and easy preparation process will improve and diversify your diet. Using our products, you save time and money.

Congratulations on your choice, we wish you a tasty meal!

„Pierogi” Polish Dumplings

Pierogi z mięsem
Filled with Meat

Traditional Polish dumplings filled with beef-pork stuffing and natural herb seasoning. Taste best with crispy pork scratching or fried bacon.

Pierogi z serem
Filled with Cottage Cheese


Traditional Polish dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese („twarog”) and sugar. They taste great when served with cream, sugar and cinnamon, as well as melted butter.

Pierogi z kapustą i gryzbami
Filled with Sauerkraut and Mushrooms


Traditional Polish Christmas Eve dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms. They have their fans all year round. Not only do they go perfectly with red borscht, but are also a great dish on their own, e.g. additionally fried in a pan or served with fried onions.

Pierogi z ruskie
Filled with Potato and Cottage Cheese "Pierogi ruskie"


Dumplings known as „pierogi ruskie” are filled with a stuffing made from cottage cheese („twarog”), potato flakes, onions and sharp spices. Served with pork scratching and golden fried onion, they will satisfy the palate of many gourmets.

Pierogi z jagodami
Filled with Forest Blueberries


Delicious, soft dumplings with blueberry filling prepared from forest blueberries. We recommend serving them with cream (vegan cream or coconut yoghurt in the vegan version) and sugar.

Pierogi z truskawkami
Filled with Strawberries


Delicious, soft dumplings with strawberry filling. They taste great when served with cream or butter melted on a frying pan and a bit of sugar. In the vegan version, we recommend serving them with vegan coconut yoghurt.

Pierogi ze szpinakiem
Filled with Spinach


Delicious and healthy dumplings with spinach and cottage cheese („twarog”). We recommend serving them with fried onion.

„Knedle” Potato Dumplings Filled with Strawberries


Delicious, round potato dumplings with strawberry filling served with cream and brown sugar literally melt in your mouth. They have a lot of fans among children – we recommend them as a tasty and healthy choice for picky eaters.

podanie knedli

„Pyzy” Round Potato Dumplings

Pyzy ziemniaczane

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przygotowanie pyz

A traditional dish of the Old Polish cuisine. Topped with pork scratching and accompanied by fresh vegetable salad, it may be served as a dish on its own. It is also a perfect side dish with various sauces and meats.

Pyzy z mięsem
Filled with Meat

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propozycja podania pyz z miesem

Delicious and very hearty potato dumplings filled with beef-pork stuffing. Topped with fried bacon, they are a great and quick meal.

„Uszka” Pockets (a small and twisted version of pierogi)

uszka z mięsem
Filled with Meat

An exquisite dish both for Sunday lunch or any special celebration. They taste delicious when served with red borscht or chicken broth sprinkled with fresh aromatic green parsley.

Uszka z kapustą i grzybami
Filled with Saurekraut and Mushrooms


An exquisite Christmas Eve dish. Soft dough filled with aromatic sauerkraut and mushroom stuffing. Served with red borscht on Christmas Eve, they remind us of our Polish traditions.

„Kopytka” Potato Dumplings


Perfect for preparing a quick meal. Taste delicious served with sauce and meat, as well as topped with crispy pork scratching.

przygotowanie kopytek

„Zeppelins” Potato Dumplings Filled with Meat


Delicious and very hearty potato dumplings filled with beef-pork stuffing. Topped with fried bacon, they are a great and quick meal.


„Kluski śląskie” Silesian Potato Dumplings

Kluski śląskie

Soft noodles made from potato dough. Irreplacable in the kitchen as they are enough to prepare a festive dinner.

propozycja podania kluski śląskie


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